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An Ontario Child Sent Police An Apology Letter After Calling 911 & 'Lying' To Them (PHOTO)

The kid even drew a picture for them, too.

Toronto Associate Editor
An Ontario Child Sent Police An Apology Letter After Calling 911 & 'Lying' To Them (PHOTO)

One young kid in Ontario sent police a letter apologizing for not using 911 for the right reasons.

In a tweet posted on December 17, Barrie Police shared that they got a letter of apology from a young kid who recently called 911. According to police officials, the child called the authorities asking to be rescued even though everything was okay.

An officer took the time to explain to the young child when and when not to call the emergency number.

The apology letter actually contained two separate pages, one of the written expression of regret, and the other a hand-drawn picture done up in orange marker.

There also appears to be a handwritten note from the child's parents at the top of the drawing, that mentioned that the officer on the phone was "very nice."

According to police officials, Barrie residents should only be calling 911 when you or someone else is sick or gets seriously injured, when you see someone get assaulted, when you witness a car accident and someone is injured, when you see a crime in progress, when you think or see somebody is in danger (like when you hear gunshots or screams), and when you see or know of a serious crime that happened.

A 911 call isn't warranted if you have questions for the police, if you're reporting a crime with no suspect (like for cybercrime or fraud), if you're calling in for a non-emergency like missing property, or if you're informing police of suspicious activity.

Barrie Police also took a moment to remind us that emergencies can't be reported via social media or email.

This article's cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

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