Auston Matthews & Michael Bunting Were Spotted At Canada's Wonderland Last Weekend (VIDEO)

They stood in line for rides like the rest of us.

Auston Matthews & Michael Bunting at Canada's Wonderland.
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Auston Matthews & Michael Bunting at Canada's Wonderland.

Standing in line for your favourite ride at Canada's Wonderland isn't always so fun, but what if two famous Toronto Maple Leafs players were waiting in the queue with you?

Well, for people who went to the amusement park on Sunday, September 18, their waiting game got much more exciting after they spotted Auston Matthews & Michael Bunting at Canada's Wonderland.

Daniel Mihailov and his girlfriend, Danielle Hayhurst, were two people who managed to snap a couple of photos and videos of the pair by the Vortex roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland.


So I did a double take today #and made eye contact with Micheal Bunting. Then Matthews just pops out of nowhere!! . . . They were in the exit when I got off the ride. This is them on the ride!! #leafsforever #drew #austinmatthews #michaelbunting #leafs #nhl #canadaswonderland

The couple got off the ride and walked towards the exit when Daniel "did a double take, and made eye contact with Michael Bunting," he told Narcity.

"One of the few players my girlfriend knows by face is Auston Matthews, and she casually goes, 'There is Auston Matthews,'" he added.

Daniel is a person that goes to Canada's Wonderland quite often, and the fan said, he was trying to calm himself down, "as it is weird seeing two great hockey stars doing something you do every 2 weeks."

The hockey fan said, "Matthews looked like a kid in a candy store, just so happy and having fun!"

Also, if you thought being a celebrity would get you to bypass all the lines in the world, think again.

According to Mihailov, "they DID NOT get to just walk on rides and bypass the lines. When my girlfriend and I got off the ride, it was about 3 or 4 train cycles before they got on for their ride!"

So, being a celeb doesn't always have those perks you always dreamed of. That's too bad.

Mira Nabulsi
Associate Editor
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