The Leafs Worked A Tim Hortons' Drive Thru & It Was More Canadian Than Maple Syrup (VIDEO)

"It's on us because hockey is back in Toronto."

Toronto Maple Leafs' Michael Bunting. Right: Auston Matthews and Morgan Rielly.

Toronto Maple Leafs' Michael Bunting. Right: Auston Matthews and Morgan Rielly.

If you're Canadian, chances you've gone through a Tim Hortons' drive-thru more times than you could count. But what about one that the Toronto Maple Leafs are running?

On Friday, the team dropped a video of players Michael Bunting and William Nylander working a shift at the iconic Canadian coffee shop on Twitter.

Naturally, things went full-on hoser.

In the clip, Bunting is seen offering Reilly a few encouraging words as he attempts to process people's drive-thru orders.

"It's on us because hockey is back in Toronto," Bunting tells a customer, who appears to drive off, having no idea who he is and why they just got their coffee for free.

As entertaining as that is, the video doesn't get going until it introduces its antagonists, played artfully by Auston Matthews and Morgan Rielly. The NHL stars show up to their teammates' drive-thru in a vintage car, dressed in what appears to be knock-off Wayne's World Halloween costumes.

Hilarity ensues as Matthews tries to place their order at the intercom, only to be snubbed by an inattentive Bunting. Is there anything more annoying?

Eventually, the four of them meet face-to-face to resolve this issue, and by that, I mean, trash-talk each other.

"For the sixth time, I'd like a sausage, egg, and cheese, no cheese and extra sausage patty, extra crispy," Matthews scolds as Bunting process an order times longer than that.

Is the video a shameless promo for the return of the NHL season? Yes, but is it also quality content? Maybe.

Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson was a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.