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These Drone Photos Show The 'Catastrophic' Damage Of Barrie's Tornado

Several people were taken to the hospital with injuries.

Barrie Tornado Photos From Above Show 'Catastrophic' Damage

Cleanup efforts are now underway following the powerful tornado that ripped through Barrie on Thursday afternoon.

The tornado was rated an EF2 by Environment Canada, which said that the Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) recorded maximum wind speeds of 210 km/hour. The damage was extensive and affected hundreds of homes, Barrie mayor Jeff Lehman said on Thursday night.

@barries.drone.pilot | Instagram

Barrie's Drone Pilot shared several photos of the aftermath on Instagram. The worst of the impact was felt in the Mapleview Drive East and Prince William Way area.

@barries.drone.pilot | Instagram

The destruction was described as "catastrophic" by Barrie police spokesperson Peter Leon.*

Mayor Lehman told CP24 on Friday morning that 11 people were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. First responders conducted thorough door-to-door searches to ensure that everyone was safely evacuated.

@barries.drone.pilot | Instagram

Barrie Fire Chief Cory Mainprize told the outlet that up to 25 homes were so badly damaged that they've been deemed uninhabitable and that three houses were completely torn down.

@barries.drone.pilot | Instagram

Lehman said that it's "nothing short of incredible" that nobody was killed, given the fact that the tornado left "vehicles turned upside down" and houses "pancaked or destroyed."

@barries.drone.pilot | Instagram

Barrie's business owners have stepped up to help the residents at the evacuation centre, donating food and supplies to those who can't return home.

"At this point, we are unable to accept any further donations," Barrie Police tweeted at 10 a.m. on Friday. "Updates will be provided if further donations are needed."

*This article has been updated.

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