These Videos Of Ontarians Witnessing A Tornado Outside Their Door Will Leave You Horrified

These scenes from today's disaster are truly chilling.

Barrie Ontario Tornado Footage Will Leave You Horrified

A horrifying disaster struck Barrie, Ontario on the afternoon of Thursday, July 15. A tornado touched down in the region and left significant damage to many homes in the area.

Locals have been sharing photos and footage of the terrifying events on social media and some people even spotted the tornado with their own eyes.

One person shared footage of the tornado taken from the inside of what looks to be an apartment building.

Someone else caught extreme winds and a wild storm right outside their home.

More footage was captured of scary-looking funnel clouds forming in the area.

Another Twitter user shared a video that was apparently sent to them via Facebook of someone who lost the roof of their home in Barrie.

While warnings have been lifted in the Barrie region, there have been others issued for different parts of the province. The Weather Network advises residents of at-risk areas to take shelter immediately in the lowest level of their house or building and to stay away from windows.