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Barrie Mayor Says Several People Are Hurt & Hundreds Of Homes Damaged After Tornado

Local businesses have come together to support residents who lost their homes.

Barrie Mayor Says Several People Are Hurt & Hundreds Of Homes Damaged After Tornado

Mayor Jeff Lehman provided an update on Thursday night about the destruction caused by the tornado in Barrie, which was especially severe in the area of Mapleview Drive and Prince William Way.

"This is a difficult day for our city," he began. "We have had a number of people seriously injured by the tornado today and our thoughts, first and foremost are with them."

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First responders visited each of the heavily damaged homes to assist residents and conducted several searches to ensure everyone was safe and accounted for. Lehman tweeted just after 9 p.m. that no deaths had been confirmed.

"There are upwards of 50 homes that have sustained heavy damage and hundreds more that have sustained some damage," said Lehman. Fire Chief Cory Mainprize told CP24 that around 20 homes have been left uninhabitable.

"Here at our evacuation centre, so many Barrie businesses have donated food, individuals have dropped things off," Lehman said, adding that there are now plenty of supplies for the people who can't return to their homes.

Over 1,000 homes have been left without power, which is now being restored. Many locals took to social media during the storm to share photos of the damage and footage of the tornado itself.

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