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Scammers Are Already Targeting People Who Were Affected By The Barrie Tornado

The 'fraudsters' couldn't even wait a day. 🤦🏻

Barrie Residents Already Being Targeted By Tornado Scammers

If the devastation caused by the Barrie tornado wasn't bad enough, some scammers are already looking to make people more miserable.

Alectra, an Ontario utilities company that serves Barrie, tweeted on Friday, July 16, warning customers that it had received reports of scammers going door-to-door in the city and performing bogus home inspections for money.

"This is NOT Alectra," the company tweeted, "please be cautious and notify local law enforcement if you encounter these fraudsters."

The tornado ripped through Barrie on Thursday, July 15, damaging hundreds of homes and injuring several people, according to the mayor of Barrie.

A Barrie councillor recounted her "terrifying" experience after the tornado tore through her home.

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