121 Canada Post Workers In A Single Ontario Facility Test Positive For COVID-19 In 3 Weeks

Canada Post is actively testing other employees, a company spokesperson said.
Canada Post Facility In Ontario Has Had 121 Workers Test Positive For COVID-19 In 3 Weeks
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Over a hundred workers at the same Canada Post facility have tested positive for COVID-19 in only three weeks.

In an email statement to Narcity, a spokesperson for the company confirmed that 121 co-workers at the Dixie Road facility in Mississauga have tested positive for the virus since January 1.

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121 Postal workers at Dixie Road facility who have tested positive since January 1

"Public Health has confirmed that Canada Post is able to maintain its operations," said the company's spokesperson.

"Any employees who do test positive will leave the workplace and self-isolate."

Peel Public Health has also directed Canada Post to test workers present for one shift at its Gateway East facility.

The company has also made testing available to other employees at the same site on a volunteer basis.

Canada Post is not the only place in Ontario that has recorded high COVID numbers, as grocery stores have been battling cases as well.

Another business in Mississauga had a workplace outbreak in September 2020 that created 60 cases, which was the largest workplace outbreak in Peel region at the time it was announced.

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