Canada's 'First Haunted Town' Is Opening Near Toronto & It's Like Walking Into A Horror Movie

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​Actors at the Haunting of Hexwood.

Actors at the Haunting of Hexwood.

The Haunting of Hexwood | Press Release

You can step into a world of horror this fall at a new Halloween attraction opening near Toronto.

The Haunting of Hexwood is an entire haunted town with terrifying walk-throughs, entertainment and experiences that go way beyond your typical haunted house.

Billed as Canada's first haunted town, the attraction is set in Pickering in the WFW Backlot Film Studio, a huge fake town used to film TV shows and commercials that comes complete with a gas station, town hall, diner and shops. You may recognize it from series like Reacher and The Umbrella Academy.

Produced by the team behind Halloween Nights of Lights and Sugar Rush Toronto, the town has been completely transformed into a spine-tingling haunted experience with chilling terrors around every corner.


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Those brave enough to visit will be able to make their way through four walk-through haunts, including The Gas Station, where cursed town inhabitants lurk amid a junkyard labyrinth, and The Corn Field, where shadows play tricks and ghostly whispers can be heard among the cornstalks.

There will also be 13 store haunts and activations for visitors to enjoy, including the Hex Post, where you can "Hex your Ex" and send out curses from Hexwood, and the Bug Depot, where visitors can test their bravery against "the unsettling world of insects."

If you really want to remember your time at Hexwood, you can also visit FY INK Tattoos, which will be offering on-site tattoos in town.

There will also be live entertainment, psychic and tarot card readers, food trucks, a town square bar and a "haunted nostalgic diner" where wait staff will "push the boundaries of your appetite."

The Haunting of Hexwood opens on October 6, 2023, and runs on select dates until Halloween. Tickets are available online now, with prices starting at $39.95 per person for general admission.

The Haunting of Hexwood

\u200bThe town of Hexwood.

The town of Hexwood.

The Haunting of Hexwood | Press Release

Price: $39.95+ per person

When: October 6-31, 2023

Address: 3800 Sideline 32, Pickering, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can visit an entire haunted town and feel like you're in a real-life horror movie at this unique Halloween attraction near Toronto.

Accessibility: Accessible event.

The Haunting of Hexwood website

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