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Doug Ford's Approval Rating Is Way Down & He's One Of The Least Liked Premiers

Ford's handling of the pandemic has apparently hurt his ratings.

A recent survey revealed how Canadians are feeling about their premiers, and it looks like Doug Ford is losing fans fast.

According to the Maru Group, the Ontario premier's approval rating has been on a steep decline throughout 2021, dropping by 8% in the second quarter.

Ford's performance is now approved by just 40% of Ontarians, with 55% of residents between the ages of 18-34 strongly disapproving of his policies.

These ratings have placed the leader well below top-ranking premiers. In fact, Ford is in the bottom three, barely beating out Jason Kenney from Alberta and Brian Pallister from Manitoba, both of whom hold an approval rating of 33%.

"A combination of slow-acting on the spread of the virus along with flip-flops and backtracking, delays in increased vaccines for hotspot zones, and apparent decisions contrary to its own medical advisory panel, produced an unprecedented pandemic backlash from almost every quarter against the premier and his government," reads an excerpt from the findings.