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Gigantic Slices Of Dessert Pizza Exist In Toronto And Here's Where You Can Get Them

The bakery in Toronto is well known for their insane creations, but the new update on their famous pizza is next level!
Gigantic Slices Of Dessert Pizza Exist In Toronto And Here's Where You Can Get Them

While it's the start of a new year and you probably are trying to eat clean, you may find yourself using the perfect excuse to break your clean eating resolution early. What exactly could be the "perfect excuse" you ask? How about a piece of pizza five times the size of a regular slice covered in toppings like miniature pancakes and bacon?  Or how about topped with tiramisu or french toast? Before you ask, yes, pizzas like that actually do exist and you can try them for yourself! 

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The bakery that creates the insane pizzas is known as Lamanna's Bakery located in Toronto, Ontario. You may recognize the concept from the bakery considering they made news last year when they introduced the idea of a pizza slice 5x the size of a traditional slice. Now it seems they have amped up their game and taken it past just pepperoni pizza and are combining savoury and sweet in the form of dessert pizzas that are surely going to leave you in a food coma. 

There are three dessert pizzas on Lamanna's menu that are catching people's eyes as of right now. They are the hotcakes pizza, the french toast pizza and the tiramisu pizza.  The hotcakes pizza features miniature pancakes decorating the pizza as well as slices of bacon before being topped with syrup and butter. The french toast pizza is topped with slices of french toast as well as strawberries and whipped cream and finally, the tiramisu pizza is topped with mini tiramisus and whipped cream! 

The presentation of each pizza alone is absolutely unreal but the taste of each slice is the perfect blend of savoury and sweet, though the size is definitely extraordinary, to say the least: 

Clearly finishing one of these pizzas isn't a one-person job. In fact, depending on your appetite, you may need an entire group in order to even put a dent into the obscenely sized dish! 

To make matters even more exciting, the insanity at Lamanna's Bakery doesn't end at just their pizza. They have tons of other creations that are almost too fun to eat... almost. 

It's definitely the perfect place to grab some sweets or pizza if you are having the ultimate cheat day, or if you want to bring it to a party to make the ultimate impression. Though the pizza specifically is definitely something you've got to try at some point especially if you are a pizza connoisseur considering it's one of the most famous pizza dishes in the city! 

To check out the creations for yourself you can visit Lamanna's Bakery in Toronto over at 6758 Kingston Rd! If you are curious about the other baked goods they create you can also visit their Instagram page by clicking here though be warned, don't visit it on an empty stomach! 

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