Metrolinx is warning its customers of the dangers of wearing a facemask. Since the pandemic, there has been a rise in GO train riders who keep tripping and falling down the stairs. It turns out it's because people are having trouble seeing properly with face coverings on. 

The company is asking hasty travellers to stop running and hold onto hand railings after it reportedly saw a 30% spike in trips and falls, according to 680 News. 

The sharp increase is mainly being attributed to ill-fitting masks and PPE gear.

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"If you've recently returned to taking transit and wearing your mask (thank you!), make sure you: take your time, no rushing; hold hand railings (they've been cleaned frequently & we've got hand sanitizer avail); and watch carefully as you go up and downstairs," Anne Marie Aikins, Metrolinx spokesperson, tweeted out.

"We've had an increase in trips and falls, especially on stairs. Masks sometimes interfere with your depth perception a little," she added.

Now, before you go to take off your mask the next time you have some stairs to walk down, you should remember that face coverings are still mandatory on GO trains and buses.

Instead, make sure to grab onto a handrail and take your time navigating the steps. 

Metrolinx announced earlier this summer that they were doing a variety of things to ensure that their riders stay safe during COVID-19. 

PPE vending machines have been installed in GO stations so you never have to be without a face covering. 

The company has also installed plastic barriers between its seats on trains and buses. 

GO vehicles that also come in contact with a positive COVID-19 case are drenched in disinfectant before returning to the road.