GoodLife Revealed Exactly What Working Out Will Look Like When Gyms Reopen In Ontario

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GoodLife Revealed Exactly What Working Out Will Look Like When Gyms Reopen In Ontario
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GoodLife Revealed Exactly What Working Out Will Look Like When Gyms Reopen ...

Now that Ontario's step three is coming soon and gyms can reopen, GoodLife Fitness has revealed exactly what to expect when you go in for a workout.

In an email to members, the fitness club said that all locations in the province will reopen for indoor workouts on July 16 when the province moves into step three of its reopening plan but with strict rules in place for capacity, face masks, distancing and more.

"It's been a long year for Ontario fitness clubs, but our associates are so well prepared and excited to welcome our members back very soon," Jane Riddell, GoodLife's president and COO, recently told Narcity.

Booking and capacity

GoodLife clubs in Ontario will reopen at 50% capacity.

There will be no bookings required anymore for the general workout floor, meaning you can just walk in if there's still space on the floor.

Even though you don't have to book a workout in the general area, the gym asks that members try and keep their workouts to 90 minutes or less while clubs still have capacity limits in place.

If you want to do a group fitness class, you will still have to book a time slot.

Masks and other safety requirements

While the province is in step three, GoodLife wants you to keep a 2-metre distance between yourself and everyone else at the gym. Associates will be monitoring workout areas to make sure that the physical distancing guidelines are being followed.

Ontario locations will be at "Mask Level Yellow" when they reopen for indoor fitness. That means you have to wear a mask when you enter and while moving around within the gym.

You can only remove your mask when you're at a workout station.

GoodLife noted that accommodations can be made for people who can't wear masks.

If you're going to a location for a workout, you'll also have to pass a screening questionnaire before your enter the gym.

Group fitness and personal training

Live classes at GoodLife will start up again on July 19. In step three of Ontario's reopening plan, all classes are able to be offered with a minimum of 2-metre distancing.

These classes require you to register in advance, and you can start booking on the app and member portal site as of July 16.

Personal training will be available in-club, remotely and outdoors.

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