Great Lakes Watersprouts Have Been Spotted In Ontario This Week (PHOTOS)

Ontario has been seeing some wild weather patterns recently. Over this week, multiple waterspouts have been forming all over the Great Lakes region. The Great Lakes waterspouts are non-supercell tornadoes, and more are expected to appear this week. 

There have been tons of sightings of these weather phenomenons, according to the International Centre for Research

The most recent post on their page says that it is currently the fifth day that the water tornadoes have been observed this week. 

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In an email to Narcity, meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg from The Weather Network confirmed that all five Great Lakes saw waterspout activity. 

"The atmospheric pattern over the last few days has made it conducive to widespread activity over the Great Lakes," TWN wrote.

This is a result of a cooler system that was predicted by TWN to be moving into the region on Monday.

It brought showers and high winds as well as chillier temperatures and even tornadoes to the Great Lakes region. 

"A combination of cooler, unstable air that settled in over the warm lake waters Monday set off a multi-day set-up over all five of the lakes," TWN confirmed. 

However, this isn't unusual for this time of year, although the sight is definitely spectacular. 

"Waterspouts are most common late summer and early fall when the lake waters are still warm."

One waterspout was captured at 9 a.m. on August 4 by a kayaker somewhere between Port Colborne and Wainfleet, Ontario, according to a post

"Expect more waterspouts over parts of the Great Lakes into Wednesday," it says.

Nineteen waterspouts had also been confirmed that day, with more on the way. 

The most recent sightings were on Lake Erie and southern Lake Michigan, on the American side.

Twisters and funnels have also been a huge trend across the region this summer.

Multiple tornado watches and warnings have also been in effect in Ontario for the past few months.