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Toronto's Grim Reaper Appearance Isn't The First Time Death Has Showed Up In Public

He's been seen around the world since the pandemic hit.

Toronto's anti-mask protest this weekend included an appearance from the Grim Reaper, but it isn't the first time that Death has shown up to large gatherings.

People in Grim Reaper costumes have popped up all over the world since the pandemic hit, warning of the consequences of ignoring public health advice

The appearances have largely been seen in locations where large crowds aren't following physical distancing guidelines.

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The Grim Reaper showed up to Florida's beaches in May when they reopened during the first wave.

He's been seen at Trump rallies this month. 

He's been seen on the street in the Philippines to keep people at home.

The creature of death was spotted out on the beaches during the 4th of July.

He's also been seen at protests in Tulsa, Oklahoma.