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There's nothing quite like a good burger, and even big stars know that you can find them in Toronto, including Jason Momoa, who stopped in at a Kensington burger joint for a meal.

The Aquaman star was gracious enough to appear in a video shot at Ozzy's Burgers, and he appeared to really be into the food.

Someone off-camera asks Momoa what he thinks of the burger before he tries it, to which he replies "we're going to find out, buddy."

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The actor then takes a huge bite, and gives a hearty sound of approval (while also reaching for some napkins).

That has to be one of the best if not unofficial endorsements for Toronto's burger scene out there.

Deadline reports that Momoa is in Toronto filming the second season of See which, like many other shows and movies, had its production schedule delayed.

Earlier in the year, he was spotted at other Toronto locales, trying out some of the city's best ramen and sushi.

Momoa has been such a presence in the city that he even has a milkshake named after him, and it sounds pretty delicious.

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