Ontario Will Pay You Up To $20 An Hour To Call People Exposed To COVID-19

Ontario's hiring hundreds of contact tracers right now!
Ontario Contract Tracing Jobs

If you're in need of a well-paying work-from-home gig, Ontario has you covered.

The province announced today that it has hired 100 contract tracers, many of whom start this week, and plans to hire 500 more by mid-November.

The position pays up to $20 an hour too, which isn't bad for staying home and making phone calls.*

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We will have hundreds more boots on the ground to support contact tracing throughout the province.

Premier Doug Ford

Premier Ford plans to ramp up testing and contact tracing with the additional hires.

"There is nowhere this virus can hide ― and that's critical to our efforts to contain the spread of this deadly threat and flatten the curve of the second wave," he said.

The provincial government is partnering with Ian Martin, an Ontario-based recruitment firm, to get Ontarians jobs in contact tracing.

If you'd rather be out on the front lines, the province has many health care job openings right now that don't require any experience. 

Contact Tracer

Salary: Up to $20.00 an hour*

Company: Ian Martin

Why You Should Apply: Fatten your wallet while you help flatten the curve.

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*Editor's Note: This article has been updated.