Keanu Reeves Gave A Speech Listing Everything He Loves About Toronto & It Got So Random

Because who doesn't love Mac's Milk and Canadian Tire? 🤣

Keanu Reeves Gave A Speech Listing Everything He Loves About Toronto & It Got So Random

Keanu Reeves finally got inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame last week, and the Toronto icon used the opportunity to gush about his hometown and the people and places that made his success possible — including Mac's Milk and Canadian Tire?

Reeves, who grew up in Yorkville, was presented with his award by The Matrix Resurrections costar Carrie-Anne Moss and began his speech by reminiscing about his childhood growing up in the 6ix and his love for the city.

Etalk | YouTube

Etalk Canada shared an extended version of his speech online, and it included a lot of heartfelt tributes.

"I went to Jesse Ketchum Public School for the second grade, and so began a wonderful journey of growing up — of friendships and adventures, of teachers, coaches, mentors — in a place, in a city, in a culture I am forever grateful for," Reeves said in the video.

He also gushed about all the "beautiful hockey" he played when he wasn't hanging around Ramsden and Rosedale parks.

However, in classic Keanu fashion, the wholesome speech soon took a delightfully random turn when the A-lister started shouting out every Toronto thing he could muster while shoehorning in a blip about his childhood diet of "rhubarb, peaches and cherries."

"Mac's Milk, Lola's, Ton 'O' Gum, Black Cat Gum, Canadian Tire for supplies..."

The John Wick star also gave the TTC and Toronto Reference Library some props, which may be the first time a celebrity has given the transit agency some love.

"I rode a lot of buses and streetcars; you gave me the freedom to travel, to get there," Reeves added, before making an unexpected segue hyping up a bunch of local theatres, including the Bloor Street Cinema and the Eglinton Grand.

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