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McDonald's Wedding In Ontario Happened Right At The Drive-Thru Window

A couple just said "I do" with a side of fries at their McDonald's wedding in Ontario.

On Tuesday, August 24, Stephanie and her partner Phil exchanged their vows at the very same place they first met 14 years ago — a McDonald's in Cambridge.

The pair met as crew members and continue to work together today at the very same McDonald's while raising their four children. This drive-thru wedding is apparently "exactly what they have been waiting for."

Narcity's Ailish Forfar was live at the event and captured some footage of the couple's happy day.

In a white Mustang and blaring some classic country tunes, the couple rode up to the first drive-thru window where they tied the knot. Cars could be heard honking their horns in celebration as they drove past the happy couple's ceremony on Hespeler Road. Their first meal as a married couple was right at the McDonald's outdoor patio, where Stephanie had a 10-piece chicken nugget meal with sweet-and-sour sauce and Paul dug into a classic Big Mac. And, of course, they both had fries.

They weren't the only couple to get married underneath the golden arches either. Aline and Aaron from Hamilton also said their "I do's" after 12 years together.

These weddings were brought to life as part of McDonald's Canada's "Drive-Thru, Say I Do" event, where each couple submitted a short essay of their love story and love for McDonald's.

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