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Ontario Drivers Are Feeling Less Safe On Highways These Days & This Study Shows Why

Almost everyone said they saw someone drive unsafely in the past year.

Toronto Associate Editor
A van speeding in Ontario.

A van speeding in Ontario.

Some Ontario drivers really like to put the pedal to the metal when they're out on the roads.

In a new study conducted by DIG Insights for CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO), 58% of drivers confessed to dangerous driving behaviours while a whopping 98% have seen unsafe driving on the province's roads in the last year. Yikes.

As per the study, fewer people are feeling safe out on the roads, particularly when they're going down highways with posted speed limits of 100 km/h.

"Traffic returning to pre-pandemic levels could be the reason why we're seeing this increase in unsafe driving," Michael Stewart, community relations consultant, for CAA SCO said in a news release.

So, what are the most common terrible driving habits?

Well, speeding comes out on top, as almost half of Ontario drivers admitted to having a bit of a lead foot out on the roads. Distracted driving is second, followed by unsafe lane changes and aggressive driving.

While most people see these dangerous driving behaviours on highways, speeders can also be found zipping through school and community safety zones.

One out of every three drivers in the province admitted they avoid streets that have photo radar, and 43% confessed they speed up as soon as they pass a photo radar camera too.

Ontario has gotten more strict with stunt driving penalties over the last year through the Moving Ontarians More Safely Act.

Anyone who gets busted for stunt driving could have their license suspended for 30 days, and have their cars impounded for 14 days. Back in April, the Ministry of Transportation added a new penalty that could send drivers to an improvement course (or have their driver's licences cancelled).

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