Ontario Driver Stopped Because Their Car Was Absolutely Packed With Amazon Boxes (PHOTOS)

This driver is definitely an Amazon Prime member.

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Ontario Driver Stopped Because Their Car Was Absolutely Packed With Amazon Boxes (PHOTOS)

It's not a crime to love online shopping, but when your car is so full you can't see out of your windows, you may be in dangerous territory.

OPP East Region reported in a tweet that a Russell OPP officer stopped a car in the Embrun area on November 29 "for not being able to see the driver."

The photo of the white vehicle shows a jam-packed interior filled to the roof with Amazon boxes, packages, and plastic bags and fit for an episode of Hoarders on wheels.

Photos shared by police show items pressing against the windshield of the vehicle, with a small area where the driver would have to peak over a line of packages to see the road.

Police say the vehicle had "numerous [Highway Traffic Act] offences," including "no clear view to front, no clear view to right, drive while crowded and more."

Cars travelling with oversized loads

In August, an Ontario driver was charged for having a backseat filled with unsecured beer cans, which were also blocking the back window.

The vehicle's backseat had a small hoard of empties, and although police said "recycling is good," they cautioned that "driving with an insecure load is dangerous."

The driver was charged "with insecure load and drive while under suspension," according to a tweet from OPP Central Region. Police said the bundle of cans "was secured prior to departure."

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