Ontario Police Caught A Driver Towing A Trailer With Loose Garbage On It (PHOTOS)

It was being held together by a power cord.

The trailer full of garbage.

The trailer full of garbage.

An Ontario driver is down a trailer after being caught travelling with a pile of loose garbage on it.

According to Halton police, officers of the Milton District Response Unit stopped the accused on Thursday, May 26, after they spotted the heap of waste being towed around. Yeah, not an ideal workday.

Upon investigating, police discovered the garbage was being held in place by a power cord. A perfect metaphor for how the world has been functioning these past two years.

Photos of the incident were released, highlighting how vitally important it is to properly secure your loads before hitting the road.

You know you've messed up when the police put you on blast on Twitter.

Officers also discovered the trailer itself was full of "major mechanical flaws and structural defects."

So, the driver was using a hunk of garbage to tow around a pile of trash? Interesting.

"The incident occurred in the area of Derry Road and Thompson Road in Milton. The trailer had a plate that was expired and out of province. The driver was educated in relation to properly securing items and trailer safety. A PON was issued in relation to the plate violation," Constable Steve Elms told Narcity.

In the end, the motorist realized their mistake and decided to scrap the trailer along with all the junk it was carrying.

Obviously, things falling off your vehicle at high speeds is a recipe for disaster. But it happens more often in the province than you might think.

Earlier this month, members of the OPP East Region responded to a "wheel-off incident" on Highway 416 northbound near County Road 20 after a loose tire flew across four lanes of traffic.

Patrick John Gilson
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