OPP Reunited A Dog With Its Owners After 'Good Samaritans' Found It On Highway 404

The big white pup is home safe!

Toronto Staff Writer
OPP Reunited A Dog With Its Owners After ‘Good Samaritans’ Found It On Highway 404

An Ontario dog went for a solo walk along Highway 404, but OPP and local citizens helped the pup get home safe.

OPP Highway Safety Division posted the heartwarming story to Twitter on November 16.

The large white dog was spotted on Highway 404 by Steeles Avenue, and a car filled with "good samaritans" pulled over on the highway to help the wanderlust-fueled dog, according to police.

Toronto police came and "took him off the highway to safety," and were looking for his owner.

Police later posted an update on Twitter, stating "Luckily, #TorontoOPP's found dog was microchipped."

"Toronto Animal Services were able to determine who the owner is," and police thanked "everyone who helped get him home safe!"

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