Ontario Police Chased 3 Adorable Piglets Around Highway 17 For 45 Minutes This Morning

Sadly, one little pig didn't make it.

 Three piglets spotted off Highway 17. Right: Piglets in the back of the cop car.

Three piglets spotted off Highway 17. Right: Piglets in the back of the cop car.

Highway 17 looked like a scene from BABE. Pig In The City this morning as police officers tried desperately to round up three stray piglets that were running around just half a kilometre east of Schreiber.

Schreiber Ontario Provincial Police told Narcity they were called to the area after receiving an odd report about pigs on the road.

When police arrived, they found four small piglets. However, a spokesperson for OPP said one of the piglets was "badly hurt" and an officer on the scene "ended its suffering."

The officers managed to herd the three other piglets off the highway at a truck pull-off. However, the little pigs weren't exactly eager to cooperate, and according to a tweet from OPP North West Region, officers had to chase the group down for 45 minutes.

"After a 45-minute foot chase, these little piggies were so tired that they snuggled up for a nap in the back of the cruiser. Great work by #SchreibeOPP keeping our farm animals and our roads safe," reads the tweet.

OPP North West Region posted a photo of the three remaining piglets cuddled up in the backseat of the police cruiser enjoying a well-deserved nap after what must have been a stressful day for the farm animals.

Surprisingly Ontario police deal with farm animals and pets on the highway more often than you might think.

On January 23, Dufferin OPP was called to Highway 10 in Mono Township and had to round up a group of horses who had escaped from a nearby farm, and last summer, in June 2021, OPP officers rescued a lost lama off of Highway 400.

Brooke Houghton
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