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A Lost Llama Caused Chaos On Highway 400 Before Being Reunited With Its Fam (VIDEO)

This llama had a wild night.

Toronto Staff Writer
Lost Llama On Highway 400 Caused Chaos

If you went for a drive last night, you may have spotted a furry creature causing chaos. A llama was found wandering Highway 400 on Wednesday, causing traffic and general confusion.

The llama with an obvious spirit for adventure was rescued by police near King Road on Highway 400 southbound.

The OPP posted a tweet around 9 p.m. in an attempt to find the furry creature's owner. "Are you missing your Lama? Please come get him/her and bring your trailer," read the tweet.

Around two hours later, police reported that the brave adventurer was reunited with its family.

The OPP posted a video of the happy reunion on Twitter.

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