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Ontario Lottery Winner Didn't Have His Glasses On & His Son Had To Tell Him He Won

He got the winning ticket right after his birthday!

Toronto Associate Editor
Ontario Lottery Winner Didn't Have His Glasses On & His Son Had To Tell Him He Won

One Ontario lottery winner found out through his son that he had actually won the lotto because he didn't have his glasses — talk about a sight for sore eyes!

According to OLG, Keswick resident Robert Whitton won the second prize with Lotto 6/49 of a grand total of $203,303.90 in an October 23 draw.

"This win was a belated birthday gift!" Whitton shared with the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto when he picked up his win. Apparently, the 52-year-old bought the ticket just after his birthday.

"I was checking some tickets while in my car and I saw some numbers pop up, but I didn't have my glasses on," Whitton said. "I asked my son to check it on his phone. It took a bit of negotiation for him to believe it was real!"

The father plans to use the money to tackle some of his bills and make some future investments, too.

"Of course, there's some room for treating some family members – I'll let them pick their own and make some wishes come true," Whitton added and smiled as he did.

One lotto winner waited to tell his family about his big win

Ronald Bogart from Aurora won $100,00 with six of seven ENCORE numbers matching a previous Lotto 6/49 draw and didn't want to tell his family right away.

While Bogart was "thrilled by this win" he needed to have proof that he won first before letting his loved ones know.

"I kept the news to myself for a few days. I've been waiting until the cheque is in my hand until I tell my family the big news," Bogart told the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto.

Meanwhile, another Ontario lottery winner desperately tried to ring his family up to share his news that he won $50,000 from the lottery, but nobody answered their phone.

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