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Ontario Man Tries To Rob Mr. Sub But Changes His Mind & Orders Sub Instead

He took one look at the owner's giant knife and went for Plan B. 😂

A robbery at Mr. Sub in Bowmanville took an interesting turn on Sunday.

An Ontario man intended to rob the sandwich shop but changed his mind halfway through and got a sub instead.

According to Durham Regional Police, the perpetrator came to the counter and told the owner he was robbing the store.

However, when he saw the owner had a large knife and was calling 911, he opted for plan B — order lunch instead.

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The male [..] said he was going to rob the store. The employee called 911 and the suspect then asked to purchase a sub.

Durham Regional Police

After admitting he didn't have enough money for the ordered sub, the man fled. 

He was seen driving away in a dark blue Chevrolet Impala.

The suspect did not take any property, nor did he appear to have a weapon. 

He is described as male, white, between 20-30 years old, 6' tall and about 170 lbs. with a skinny build, wearing a grey hoodie and blue jeans.

Durham Police are asking anyone with information to contact them as the investigation is ongoing.