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This $19 Million Ontario Mansion Comes With 2 Extra Houses Because Of Course It Does

If you get bored you can move in next door.

Who doesn't want to live in a castle-like Ontario mansion that overlooks a majestic waterfront? The only thing that might be stopping you is the fact that it costs $19 million.

Instead of packing your bags and moving in, you can take a peek into the lifestyles of the province's rich and powerful with a deep dive into this ridiculously luxurious home.

Steven Liambas | RE/MAX

The eight-bedroom estate, located at 2831 Ridge Rd. W. in Shanty Bay, Ontario, offers a whopping 19,000 square feet of living space on nearly 10 acres of private land.

Steven Liambas | RE/MAX

Its custom gourmet kitchen looks like something Gordon Ramsay would happily cook in.

Steven Liambas | RE/MAX

It even comes with a wine cellar that can store every wine from your local LCBO.

Steven Liambas | RE/MAX

Its exterior includes an infinity pool, tennis court, oh, and two extra homes and a stable.

Steven Liambas | RE/MAX

Both the coach house and the boathouse have two additional bedrooms for any guests that you may have over.

Steven Liambas | RE/MAX,

Ontario Waterfront Mansion

Steven Liambas | RE/MAX

Price: $19,900,000

Address: 2831 Ridge Rd. W., Shanty Bay, ON

Description: You can live in the big house, and invite your friends to sleep over in the other two homes.

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