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Ontarian Leaves Package Of Poop On Porch & It Apparently Got Stolen Only 40 Mins Later

"I’ve had a number of packages stolen in the three years I’ve lived here."

One resident is fighting back after a string of Ontario package thefts in her area. 

Laurie Pringle, a Hamilton resident, told Narcity that she's had a number of packages stolen from her porch in the past three years.

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This year, Pringle decided to leave her thieves a smelly surprise and packaged up poop into a delivery box, before leaving it on her front porch. 

It didn't take long for a man to take the bait, and Pringle reports that the box was stolen only 40 minutes later. 

"I live on a very busy downtown street. My front door pretty much opens out onto the sidewalk. I’ve had a number of packages stolen in the three years I’ve lived here," she revealed to Narcity. 

"As a result I have a very clear label for all my Amazon packages, indicating that they should ring my video doorbell. A couple of the couriers that Amazon uses almost never read the label, so that results in my packages being stolen fairly often."

Pringle was even able to capture the reported theft on video and claims that this isn't the first time the suspect has stolen in the area before. 

"I also posted this on the neighborhood app, and somebody has said this same guy stole her package as well," she concluded. 

Package theft isn't that uncommon during the holiday months.

In fact, back in November, the Toronto Police put out a public safety alert about a recent increase in package theft in the city.

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