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Ontario's August Forecast Was Just Revealed & You Will Finally See Some Sun Again

Ontario will see way less gloomy days this month.

Toronto Staff Writer

If you're tired of all the rain and gloomy weather the province has been hit with this summer, things are finally starting to look up.

Ontario's weather forecast for August has just been revealed and the month will be filled with sizzling sunshine.

According to The Weather Network, August is forecasted to bring more consistent warmth and sunshine to the province in the coming week with heat and humidity making a return in later weeks.

However, you will still want to keep your umbrellas handy, as the TWN reports that it will still be "stormy at times." However, stretches of dry weather are expected to last much longer.

"While the first week of August will still be cooler than normal, warm weather will be more consistent during mid- and late-August, and even some hot weather is expected," an excerpt from the TWN report reads.

So, anyone hoping to finish off the summer with one last cottage trip will be able to do it without having to work around bad weather.

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