Ontario YouTuber Takes Shots At Doug Ford's New Shutdown With A Hilarious Song

It isn't the first time he's put Ford's government on blast, either.
Ontario's Shutdown Just Got Slammed By A YouTuber With A Hilarious Song

YouTube comedian Brittlestar has taken aim at Ontario's shutdown with a hilarious new music video.

Brittlestar, or Stewart Reynolds, hails from Stratford, Ontario and is known for making painfully accurate Canadian content — and now, he's set his sights on Premier Doug Ford with a new parody song called "Just another half-assed lockdown."

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The song is set to the tune of "Manic Monday" by The Bangles but features lyrics that target Premier Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

"It's just another half-assed lockdown / I wish COVID was done now / I'd like to have some fun now / Not repeat this every few months now," sings the comedian.

This isn't the first time Brittlestar has put the Ontario government on blast, either. In December, the YouTuber made fun of former finance minister Rod Phillips for vacationing in St. Bart's over the holidays.