Jagmeet Singh took to Twitter on April 30 to announce that he would be virtually visiting Ontario's Peel Region, which has been "ravaged by COVID-19."

The NDP leader said that "Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau have been busy playing the blame game and pointing fingers at one another" while people in the region have been struggling and worrying about their loved ones.

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He said that Trudeau and Ford "need to stop blaming one another - and just get the job done." The "job" that he is referring to includes paid sick days, vaccinations, and worker protections.

"Racialized communities like Peel are being ravaged by systemic failures - and a failure of leadership," wrote Singh in his Twitter thread.

On Wednesday, April 28, Peel's Medical Officer of Health said that the region is halfway to reaching herd immunity after delivering over half a million COVID-19 vaccine doses.