People On Reddit Are Debating Which TTC Seat Is The Best & There's A Lot To Consider

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TTC subway.

TTC subway.

When you hop on the TTC and happily see many empty seats, what's your go-to spot and why?

A Reddit discussion has gained much attention after people shared their go-to TTC seat and why they think it's the best. However, the answers are all over the place, and many factors are being considered.

"You rush on finch station on Monday morning, which is the best seat?" a Redditor shared in the r/toronto thread.

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Over 1000 comments later, the thread has yet to decide which seat is the definitive best.

The comment with the most upvotes though chose seat 1, per the diagram above.

"1 because it's easy to get off during rush hour and you get to lean against the wall," a person said.

"1 because you can lean on it and sleep. Best seat ever," another shared. However, the thought of leaning against the divider was gross to many other riders.

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Another popular choice seems to be seat number 4.

"Depending on where you're getting off but for being left alone 4," someone shared.

"My problem with 4 is there's not enough leg room thanks to the heater going along the floor," a Redditor argued.

But others said they love that about seat number 4 — "I like putting one foot on it, it's actually one of my favourite things about 4."

What about seat 5? Well, some are sharing that it might be the safest.

"5. Easy to get out if 4 starts acting shady. Can also get a good look of everyone in the train to spot any shady behaviour (depending on how you angle yourself in your seat)," a Redditor commented.

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However, others think it might be the worst one.

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From reading through the thread, it looks like 2 and 3 are the worst seats on the TTC, and not many would choose them. However, seat 4 seems to be a big contender competing closely with seat number 1.

Seat 5, on the other hand, appears to be neutral; some are for it, while others would rather stand.

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After reading this article, has your favourite seat on the TTC changed? If so, which one would you choose?

Mira Nabulsi
Toronto Associate Editor
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