Pixar's 'Turning Red' Dropped A New Trailer & It's Full Of Iconic Toronto Spots (VIDEO)

If you live and breathe Pixar movies, Turning Red just dropped a new trailer, and Toronto fans will want to grab the popcorn because the whole setting just screams the 6ix.

Turning Red follows the story of Mei Lee, a 13-year-old-girl whose family has a "mystical connection" with red pandas -- which turns Mei right into one whenever her emotions are running high.

The official trailer for the film dropped on November 17, and it is filled with so many iconic Toronto landmarks and figures that locals will automatically recognize.

Right at the start of the trailer viewers can see the CN tower in its animated glory, with the main character quickly posing in front of it as her friends beatbox in the back.

As soon as one says, "Let's go," we're taken to Toronto's streets, where anyone who's taken transit in the city will instantly recognize the red TTC streetcar moving across the screen. Pixar even nailed what it looks like inside the streetcar, as Mei Lee does her homework on the train.

There are even nods to some of the 6ix's most colourful streets like the ones you'd walk through in Kensington Market as you're thrifting for vintage finds.

But the references don't just stay focused on Toronto. At one point there's a box of birthday cake Timbits that's quickly shown on her family's dining room table for breakfast and later, Mei Lee wears a T-shirt with a Canadian maple leaf on it, too.

Turning Red is directed by Oscar-award-winning Domee Shi, whose short film Bao also takes place in the 6ix. Starring Sandra Oh and newcomer Rosalie Chiang, this is surely something Canadian animated movie lovers won't want to pass up.

The movie is expected to hit the big screens on March 11, 2022.

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