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Jaz Sinclair. Right: Gen V poster at the University of Toronto.

Jaz Sinclair. Right: Gen V poster at the University of Toronto.

Amazon Prime's popular show, The Boysspin-off show Gen V, is filming in Toronto and has transformed the University of Toronto campus into a university for superheroes.

Gen V will follow the next generation of "supes" in The Boys universe as they attend post-secondary and compete for the best contracts in the city, according to IMDb and cast descriptions of the show.

The upcoming show's cast is stacked with Chilling Adventures of Sabrinaactors Chance Perdomo and Jaz Sinclair, and Patrick Schwarzenegger, who you might recognize as Arnold Schwarzenegger's son.

Perdomo and other cast members posted a video chatting about and promoting the show on Instagram on July 15.

According to the cast, fans can expect lots of drama, hormones, love, "blood, guts and everything else."

Production for the super college drama was recently spotted at the University of Toronto.

A Reddit user posted a thread of photos showcasing the campus's transformation into "Godolkin University," with signs, maps and even banners featuring Sinclair and Perdomo.

The banners of Sinclair and Perdomo show each character posing heroically with the caption "What kind of Super are you?"

Gen V has also been spotted filming at Ted's Restaurant in Scarborough on August 14 at around 8 p.m.

Justin Tokmak posted photos of the restaurant to Twitter, which was been plastered with posters.

According to a sign, Tokmak snapped a picture of on set, the restaurant will be closed until August 18.

The Boys is also anticipated to start filming season four in Toronto soon, so fans of the universe may be able to spot both shows underway in the 6ix.

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