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Toronto Eateries Make Up A Third Of COVID-19 Outbreaks But Patios Still Remain Open

Out of 80 recent outbreaks, 27 came from eateries.
Toronto Bars And Restaurants Are Contributing To A Third Of Outbreaks In The City

Doug Ford announced on Friday that multiple parts of Toronto would be reverting back to stage two. Yet, outdoor patios were spared from these cutbacks. 

Now, data from public health is reporting that bars and restaurants in Toronto are actually contributing to a third of COVID-19 outbreaks right now. 

Dining establishments have been getting shut down in the past month due to multiple confirmed cases among staff and guests, exposing thousands to the disease.

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How many Toronto bars and restaurants are reporting outbreaks?

The most recent available numbers show that 27 bars and restaurants have reported COVID-19 outbreaks in Toronto as of October 7.

In an email to Narcity, Toronto Public Health spokesperson, Dr. Vinita Dubey, confirmed the figures.

"Of the 80 community outbreaks currently posted on the dashboard on Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 27 are bars and restaurants," she wrote.

Dr. Dubey has said that in the span of a week, they've also received tips about almost 40 more places of concern to look into.

September 30 – October 5, 2020, TPH received 39 bar/restaurant referrals for investigation."

Which Toronto restaurants have been hit the hardest?

Multiple restaurants across the city have been reporting outbreaks over the past month. 

El Furniture Warehouse was a notable one due to the large range of people it reached. 

The chain's Yonge Street location exposed an estimated 1,700 people to the disease between September 10 and 17.

A similar situation popped up at Regulars Bar between September 13 and 22.

It's been estimated that 600 patrons may have come into contact with COVID-19 after three employees tested positive.

At the beginning of September, The Keg and JOEY in Sherway Gardens also reported outbreaks among members of the staff, and both were reopened after deep cleaning. 

What is the city doing to prevent outbreaks?

Dr. Eileen de Villa has been pushing for more restrictions for bars and restaurants even after there were new rules put in place on September 30.

The maximum indoor limit was lowered from 100 to 75, with no more than six people to a table, compared to the previous 10 person limit.

Doug Ford has said that he isn't prepared to close bars and restaurants down yet because it would "destroy lives"

However, in a recent press conference on Friday, the premier announced that while indoor dining will be closed for at least the next 28 days, patios will remain open. 

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