Toronto dog owners are being warned to keep a close watch on their pets after coyote attacks were reported. 

The City, which released a statement via Twitter last week, is telling owners not to let their dogs off-leash near ravines or green spaces.

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Residents are also being told not to leave their pets unsupervised in backyards.

The warning comes after two dogs were killed by the animals this month.  

"The city is aware of two incidents this month where dogs have been taken from backyards near ravines and killed by coyotes," a City of Toronto spokesperson told Narcity.

However, the city also reminds residents that spotting coyotes during the winter months is normal. 

A press release states that coyotes become more active in January and February since it is their mating season. 

While the animal usually does not pose a danger to people, they are known to injure or kill cats and small dogs.