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Toronto ICU Doc's Story About A Patient Proves How Essential Workers Are Suffering (VIDEO)

He says cases like these will keep happening without more help.
Staff Writer

A Toronto doctor is sharing the story of his intubated patient, with the patient's consent, to demand "better protection" for Ontario's essential workers.

Dr. Michael Warner, a critical care physician at Toronto's Michael Garron Hospital, said his patient would be at home if vaccines and paid sick leave were readily available. 

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Warner said the patient's husband worked in a factory that "had an outbreak of COVID-19 but not on her husband's shift, so he was told to continue to go to work," leading to the whole family contracting a COVID-19 virus variant

With his ICU filled almost entirely with essential workers, Warner said he was sharing the example to make a case for paid sick leave, paid vaccination time, and the reallocation of vaccinations to hot-zone regions.

"If we don't change what we're doing — if we don't offer protection to essential workers — the same people are going to continue to get nailed by COVID-19," Warner said.

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