A Toronto Girlie Vacationed In Miami & This Tipping Mistake Ended Up Costing Her (VIDEO)

She was overtipping AF! 😬

A Toronto TikToker Olivia Akena.
Associate Editor

A Toronto TikToker Olivia Akena.

Miami is a popular vacation spot for many people in Toronto. However, even though it's in North America, it still has differences you might want to know about before travelling there.

Toronto TikToker Olivia Akena shared a video about things she wished someone told her before going to Miami because she was shocked by some of her experiences, mainly their tipping culture.


idk maybe I’m dumb but i did not expect this

Akena told Narcity she went to Miami with her friend to celebrate writing her LSAT and says she could never live there.

Tipping in Miami

"The most shocking thing was the 20% autograt on EVERYTHING where the servers don't tell you," she says.

The TikToker found out about the automatic gratuity on their third day at lunch when she spotted something at the bottom of a menu that stated, "There is a 20% gratuity on every bill," Akena explains.

She then noticed they had been tipping people on top of the gratuity without warning from the servers.

"Which isn't the end of the world, I would much rather over tip than under tip, but it would be nice to be warned about the autograt," Akena told us.

However, the tipping policy, in general, didn't shock her because it's pretty standard to have gratuity when in big groups. Still, it was the "lack of communication" that surprised her. She calls it "borderline scamming" because, in Ontario, servers and bartenders typically notify guests when a tip is added to their bills.

Restaurants in Miami

People who usually travel to Miami talk about the food, but this TikToker called their food scene "mid."

"People from Miami, don't come at me for saying this. Your food is so mid. Like, it is so Mid. And we have gone to other parts of Miami," she said in the video while naming areas of the city. "The food is mid. What the hell."

"There is no beating Toronto food. Ever. Toronto is so lucky to have a great food scene with cuisines from around the world, as this is such a diverse city," she explains to Narcity. "I found Miami food to be super bland, way overpriced priced, and the same options everywhere you go."

Overall, the TikToker enjoyed her time in Miami, but the weather, the people and the city's apparent wealth are other reasons she could never live there.

Mira Nabulsi
Associate Editor
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