Toronto Is Getting More EV Charging Stations In The City & Here's Where You Can Charge Up

They're installing them on over 15 streets throughout the 6ix.

Toronto skyline. Right: One of the areas electric vehicle charging stations will be installed.
Toronto Associate Editor

Toronto skyline. Right: One of the areas electric vehicle charging stations will be installed.

Anyone who drives an electric car in Toronto might just have less of a headache looking for a spot to charge their vehicle soon.

On Tuesday, May 17, the City, along with Toronto Hydro announced that they will be installing 32 more on-street electric vehicle charging stations by the end of the year.

These chargers will be set up on 17 residential streets at on-street permit parking areas, in spots where houses don't have access to private parking lots or garages. This will add to the 17 EV charging stations that the City has already installed, which according to Toronto Hydro, can be found in areas like Palmerston Avenue, Wellington Street West and Shaw Street.

"In addition to expanding Toronto's on-street charging infrastructure, the City is increasing EV adoption by requiring new buildings to have the infrastructure to support EV charging, providing funding to support and encourage EV charging infrastructure to be installed in existing buildings and providing public EV charging stations in Green P parking lots (up to 500 by end of 2024) and at City-owned properties and facilities," the release reads.

Across Ontario, the province has announced that they are installing 69 fast EV chargers across 23 ONRoute stations along highways 401 and 400.

Here's where the extra on-street electric vehicle charging stations will pop up throughout Toronto:

  • 535 Runnymede Rd.
  • 64 Annette St.
  • 115 High Park Ave.
  • 685 Dovercourt Rd.
  • 705 Shaw St.
  • 41 Inglewood Dr.
  • 39 Cuthbert Cres.
  • 580 Christie St.
  • 186 Carlton St.
  • 188 Carlton St.
  • 453 Jones Ave.
  • 503 Jones Ave.
  • 132 Chatham Ave.
  • 258 Riverdale Ave.
  • 31 Roseheath Ave.
  • 543 Strathmore Blvd.
  • 1856 Queen St. E.
Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor