A Toronto TikToker's Rant About Bar Hopping On King West Has Gone Viral & It's So Relatable

"It's kind of like watching Animal Planet or something."

A view of buildings down King Street West. Right: Arsalan Shirazi in his TikTok video.
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A view of buildings down King Street West. Right: Arsalan Shirazi in his TikTok video.

A Toronto TikToker and comedian's recent rant about bar hopping on King West has gone viral and resonated with many who've experienced the chaotic nightlife scene in downtown Toronto.

This candid video hilariously captures the frustrations of navigating the trendy bars on King West, shedding light on its often-disappointing and overhyped aspects. From calling out massive lines to high cover charges, Arsalan Shirazi doesn't hold back on his takes.

Toronto boasts a vibrant nightlife, with downtown Toronto serving as the hub of entertainment. Among its various bar districts, King West has gained notoriety for its trendy establishments and bustling crowds.

In the video, Shirazi hilariously highlighted the phenomenon of everyone flocking to the bars at precisely 11 p.m.

"It's kind of like watching Animal Planet or something," he said in his video.


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"Everyone's convinced that they know someone that can get them in at a certain point in time. Now you're standing outside of Ruby Soho, a bunch of goofballs," Shirazi said in his video.

The struggle to gain entry to these venues, often hindered by large groups of strangers and false claims of connections, is a familiar frustration for many Torontonians.

"Life in Toronto 😂, it is what it is," one person commented on the video.

Shirazi argues in his video that navigating the streets of King West can become an aimless endeavour, as groups halt for "street meat" while waiting in endless queues.

He then mocks the attitude of some patrons who feel entitled to not pay a cover charge, only to spend exorbitant amounts on drinks inside.

"If you finally do get in line to someplace, it's $20 cover to get in, and it sucks. You're stuck there. You can't go anywhere else," he said.

"It's not about the $20 but the principle of the thing."

Many people in the comments agreed with Shirazi, and some even offered alternative bar districts in Toronto.

"I can't believe people still go to King West 😂 Dundas West, Ossington, Queen West, Bloor West or all much better times," someone commented.

A lot of people felt that only rookies go to King West for bar hopping.

"King West for non-Toronto people LOLs," a person wrote. "I live five mins away and haven't gone out there in five years," another commented.

The video serves as a humorous reminder about the downsides of braving the bar scene in Downtown Toronto.

"You realize the whole night would have been better if you had just ordered the McDonald's and stayed home," Shirazi said in his video.

Rhythm Sachdeva
Associate Editor
Rhythm Sachdeva was an Associate Editor for Narcity Media Group based in Toronto.