Sorry, TLC, we're doing it. Waterton Park in Alberta is home to so many stunning natural sights that you could spend weeks there and still not want to leave. Among the destinations include not one but six jaw-dropping waterfalls that are just outside of town. 

Before you venture to the falls, look down. The town is absolutely blooming with fields of wildflowers, so much so that it's known as the wildflower capital of the country.

But what's more spectacular are the waterfalls that you can check out through easy or moderate hikes. The first of the falls that should be on your agenda is Cameron Falls. 

This waterfall is one of the most-visited spots in town and the trail to get there is listed as a short and easy hike by the town of Waterton.

If you want to feel the cool mist of fresh mountain waters blowing through the adjacent canyon, then this trail will be perfect for you. 

The second and third falls that you must visit are the Lower and Upper Bertha Falls. 

To feast your eyes on Lower Bertha, you will need to trek for just over five kilometres. 

Luckily for you, the trail is positively picturesque, set amidst fields of wildflowers and an enchanting forest setting.


At the end of the trail, there'll be a bridge from where you can look down at the waterfall. Another lookout will be to your right. But be sure not to get too close to the fall because it's quite literally a slippery slope. 

The Upper Bertha Falls trail is another gem you can check out, but it's recommended for moderate-level hikers.

It's a bit longer but the views at the end are worth it if you're up for the challenge. 

If you want to opt for a trail that's far easier and shorter, head down to Blakiston Falls. A two-kilometre canyon trail will bring you to a viewpoint of the waterfall.

The stark red colours of the canyon will blow your mind and you'll ask yourself why you haven't visited this hidden falls before. 

Another majestic waterfall that's not far from Waterton is the Sofa Falls Trail and Basin.

This one is also a little longer but the views of the aspen forest, the prairies grassland, and alpine meadows will make the journey worthwhile for moderate hikers. 

Lastly, Hell-Roaring Falls may be smaller but it's as much of a nature escape as the other sights.

But note that some points along the trail are steep and overgrown with trees; therefore it's recommended for moderate hikes or above. 

All in all, Waterton should be the number one on your list if you want to spend your summer road-tripping to magical waterfalls in the province

Waterton Park

Address: Waterton Park, AB

Why You Need To Go: An adorable mountain town that's close to so many waterfalls and natural wonders? It's pretty hard to say no! 

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