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Canada's Most Unique Baby Names In Recent Years Include Man, Panda & Ghostbuster

There are also names like Soda, Number and Chill on the list.👇🇨🇦

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While some parents prefer to give their kids popular names, others like to choose options that feel more unique.

These unusual Canadian baby names from the last decade prove that there are so many eccentric names out there and show that everybody's tastes are totally different!

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According to data from, Canadian babies were given some really unusual names back in 2016. This includes boy names like Blex, Choco, Crypton, Gizmo, Jeyphen, Neon, Man and Number.

The same year, girls were named Miss, Ozzlynn, Panda, Proverbs, Psegs, Quinlynn, Rocklyn, Sirenitee, Soda, Stormee and Zen.

More unusual girl names from the past five years include Abisky'lanna, Chill, Chloeybelle, Sushi, Einstein, Tindwer, Fedora and Scotia.

When it comes to boy names, Castle, Paddles, Rhythm, Sherlock, Frosty, Ghostbuster, Turbo and Wall were considered to be amongst the most unique in Canada.

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