This US Coin Could Be Worth Up To $14K & Here’s What You Need To Look For

It's worth some serious extra cash. 🤑

Texas Staff Writer
American paper bills and coins.

American paper bills and coins.

If you ever needed a reason to finally sort through that hulking coin collection in your home, perhaps learning that people have paid $14,000 for a single United States penny could be the push.

A rare version of the 1972 Lincoln Penny has an error on it that is so sought after by coin collectors that they are willing to spend thousands on the single cent.

This one-cent coin has sold for prices as high as $14K, but data from the Professional Coin Grading Service also shows that others have been purchased in the range of $400 all the way up to a grandiose 10,000 bucks.


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In the last year, these rare pennies have sold for $1,450, $2,520, and most recently, in February 2023, for $2,750.

So as you go foraging through old purses, piggy bank drawers, and wallets, you will want to know what to look for.

The rare "1972 1C Doubled Die Obverse" penny error has what they call a "double die" on two parts of the coin. One error can be found in the banner of words along the top that read "In God We Trust," and the other is in the word "Liberty."

That means if you find a 1972 penny and these words appear to have a 3D-like effect on them and the text seems doubled, then you should probably look into seeing its value.

Other sources report that there were 5.5 billion pennies printed in 1972, and the ultra-valuable mistake could be found on nearly 20,000 of them out there in the world. Happy penny hunting!

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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