This US Coin Is Worth Up To $6K & You Might Have It In Your Wallet Right Now

Here's what you want to look for!

Texas Staff Writer
Hands holding a wallet and American coins. Right: American coins and paper bills.

Hands holding a wallet and American coins. Right: American coins and paper bills.

Finding random, super-easy ways to make a little extra cash is so worth it these days.

If you have some American change sitting around, you might want to check it out because there's a quarter that's currently worth a huge chunk of money.

There is a rare version of the 2004 Wisconsin state quarter with an error that is so unique to collectors that some are currently willing to pay $5,780, data from Professional Coin Grading Services states.

Even FOX Business reported the coin once sold for $6K at an auction.

Now, if you're already scrounging through your wallet or breaking open the piggy bank, there are a few specific things to look for that make this rare coin particularly sought after.

The design was a part of the US Mint's "50 States" collection, so it depicts all of the best details of "America's Dairyland," including a cheese wheel, a cow, and a corn husk.

Around 450 million were put into circulation back in 2004, but a few of them printed at a Denver, Colorado, plant hold a very obvious mistake that you just might be sitting on right now.

To see if yours has the lucky error, you'll want to look at the cornstalk where there might be an extra, misprinted leaf.

Collectors say you'll either find an "extra leaf low" pointing down or an "extra leaf high" that points up. Either way, both print mistakes have auction prices ranging from $195 all the way to that grand $5.7K, which is so much more than the original 25-cent value.

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Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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