A Popular Action Figure From Your Childhood Could Be Worth $12.9K & Here's What To Look For

You might have it packed away in storage!

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A kid in a toy aisle. Right: Action figures in a store.

A kid in a toy aisle. Right: Action figures in a store.

There are so many ways to make some extra cash in the U.S.

Whether it be by moving to a new state or selling a rare coin, there might be another method you aren't thinking of.

If you have yet to sell off or throw out all of your old toys from your childhood in the 1980s and 1990s, then you might want to take a look through them again because some could give you thousands of dollars if sold today.

For those who were into G.I. Joe action figures, particularly, the tiny 3.75-inch Snake Eyes Series 2 doll released in 1983 has been recorded to be auctioned off for $12,900 back in 2021, according to Work+Money.

It's not necessarily regarded as a "rare" toy, but the Snake Eyes doll gained such popularity simply for how the character's elusive nature is maintained in the Hasbro figure. However, it is scarce to find one entirely intact with the backing card to sell, as kids loved the toy that much, which is why it's worth so much more than unboxed.

So, if you actually find the Snake Eyes version 2 figure somewhere in your collection and in mint condition, your next step is to submit it to be graded by the Collectible Grading Company.

These vintage toy pros will give your figure a very thorough evaluation and a grade that will help you price it accordingly for auctions. The Snake Eyes doll that was purchased for thousands a couple of years ago received a stellar 90 grade, which is why it was bought for such a massive price.

So, your beloved Snake Eyes doll from your childhood just might be worth an unexpected fortune as long as it's in favorable condition for toy graders.

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Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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