These US States Will Pay You Up To $15K To Move & There Are So Many Cool Benefits

Get paid to relocate to the mountains or a small town. 💸

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A couple in a hammock in West Virginia. Right: A person in Alaska.

A couple in a hammock in West Virginia. Right: A person in Alaska.

In a country where it can feel like you're bleeding out money for essentials like grocery shopping, moving to a new state might sound entirely out of the question.

However, some places in America want people to move there so badly they are paying qualifying people to relocate. As a matter of fact, a lot of these spots boast gorgeous mountains and charming towns that will make the transition all the easier.

Sound like a good deal? Here are several places in the United States that shell out cash incentives to newcomers who move there:

West Virginia

Details: You can be paid $12,000 to move to the stunning West Virginian mountains, have a remote job, and go on impressive outdoor adventures with the "free outdoor recreation package" you'll receive upon arrival.

The Ascend West Virginia program is open to remote workers and self-employed individuals living in the United States. They also need to love getting out in nature.

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Details: A city in Ohio is paying former students up to $10,000 to move there, start a new job, and receive help with their student loan debt. If accepted into the Talent Attraction Program Scholarship, you'll be paid about $300 a month by the city to live in one of the designated neighbourhoods.

Hamilton, Ohio, is a suburban town right outside Cincinnati looking for recent graduates of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, or Mathematics) programs.

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This reality really does exist 💫#hikingalaska#hikinginalaska#alaska#alaskaliving

Details: This one might be another fave for outdoor lovers. Every year, the stunning state of Alaska accepts applications for its Permanent Fund Dividend paid out to its residents, including newcomers.

It's had some big payouts, like last year's dividend of $3,284. So, if you've ever had the itch to escape to the snow mountains and blue lakes of The Last Frontier, now might be the time because you could get some extra cash.

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Details: If you're hoping to move someplace down south, you're in luck because you can be paid $10,000 to live in a charming small town in Alabama.

The Remote Shoals program offers the incentive to applicants who make a minimum of $52,000 yearly, whether self-employed or in a remote position.

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Details: Topeka, Kansas, offers the biggest incentive on this list, with up to a massive $15,000 going into the pockets of eligible applicants who move to the town.

Choose Topeka requires applicants to find a full-time job in the midwest city that accepts the program, purchase or rent a residence, and participate in an immersion program.

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