A TikToker Found A Hack For Buying Bulk Groceries In The US & It's Cheaper Than Costco

You could save on all the essentials! 💰

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Kelly in front of a US Foods Chef's Store location. Right: Strawberries at US Foods Chef's Store.

Kelly in front of a US Foods Chef's Store location. Right: Strawberries at US Foods Chef's Store.

With an ever-changing economy, Americans turn to the best alternatives for saving money on all the essentials, which typically include dollar stores or bulk grocery chains.

One store with increasing popularity is US Foods Chef's Store, a wholesale shop completely open to the public and offering bulk items for a good price.

TikTok user Kelly (@kellysimplyeats) recently visited a location to see what the hype was about and shared a clip of her experience, when she actually bought affordable products, such as 40 pounds of chicken thighs for just $56.


Find a location near you! The one in Dallas is located in Farmers Branch. I even got a 40lbs of chicken thighs for only $56 and trust me that will last me quite awhile lol #dallasfoods #usfoodschefstore #dallashiddengem #dallashotspots #wholesalers #wholesaleprice

The stores offer high quantities of fresh meat, produce, and dairy, as well as kitchen supplies or equipment. But a large amount of product doesn't necessarily mean you'll be breaking the bank as everything is kept at lower prices.

For example, Kelly found cartons of strawberries for $3.99/each, spare rib racks for only $2.55/lb, and specialty items such as cases of frozen soft shell crabs for $39.39 each. She mentioned she thought the products were good quality, too!

TikTok users in the comment section of Kelly’s post also shared valuable things they've found at US Foods Chef's Stores.

"Really good place to pick up staple kitchen tools, like sheet pans and spatulas, etc., too," one user wrote.

Others are also voicing their excitement at finding a place to bulk shop that is easier to access, unlike places like Costco, which require paid memberships.

"As a Costco lover, this is a great alternative," a user wrote.

There are over 80 US Food Chef's Store locations around the country with no membership required to enter, so you can waltz right in and catch some awesome savings right now.

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Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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