A BC Lotto Max Winner's Wife Thought He Was Lying After He Won Big With A Co-Worker

They bought the ticket while on a coffee run! 💸

Matthew Saari and Glenn Lamb.
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Matthew Saari and Glenn Lamb.

These Lotto Max winners in B.C. got a whole lot more than just caffeine after purchasing a ticket during their coffee run and finding out they won a sweet $500,000.

Matthew Saari and Glenn Lamb from Kelowna, B.C., bought their lucky winning ticket from a One Stop on Bernard Ave. for the October 7 Lotto Max draw.

Saari found out they had won while he was in a drive-thru and checked the ticket on the BCLC Lotto! App.

"This will open a few more doors for my family and will create a nice little nest egg for our future," Saari said.

Lamb was in the middle of a round of golf when he learned about the big win and said, "there goes my golf game."

The pair first told their wives about the major winnings and both had a hard time believing them. Saari's wife actually thought he was lying and had to confirm the winnings on the ticket for herself.

The co-workers are both excited to help out their families and spend a little more time on their hobbies.

“We're very happy,” Saari said.

These two co-workers weren't the only lucky lotto winners in B.C., a few others have been able to claim winnings just as big.

This Lotto winner in B.C. won a whopping $500,000, from the Extra on his Lotto Max ticket and he's planning on moving to Florida.

Another Lotto Max winner in B.C. won $500,000 and could not believe his eyes when he checked his ticket.

In 2022, Lotto Max players in B.C. won a combined total of over $163 million.

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