BC Lotto Max Winner Was 'Shaking & Crying' When He Found Out But Had To Act Normal At Work

"I scanned the ticket, then boom..."

​Jayson Madarang.
Staff Writer

Jayson Madarang.

A Lotto Max winner in B.C. had to overcome a whole range of emotions when he found out he won big right before heading to work.

Jayson Madarang from Surrey, B.C., bought his lucky ticket from a Petro Canada on Victoria Drive in Vancouver for the October 18 Lotto Max draw.

Madarang was in the comfort of his own home when he found out he had won a massive Maxmillions prize of $1 million, right before his regular shift.

"I scanned the ticket, then boom – I was shaking and crying, but then everything had to be normal as I had to go to work," Madarang said.

He told BCLC that he was also feeling thankful, happy and excited about the winnings.

"This will change my life in certain ways," he added.

With the big winnings, Madarang plans on booking a trip for himself and his wife to visit family in the Philippines.

Madarang wasn't the only recent lottery winner in B.C., a few other people have been able to call themselves just as lucky too.

One Lotto Max winner from Surrey, B.C. found out he had won a sweet $500,000 and was excited to share the news of his big winnings with his girlfriend.

Another Lotto Max winner from Surrey, B.C. won a Maxmillions prize of $1 million and his wife had a hard time believing him when he told her all about it.

Altogether, lottery players in B.C. in 2022 have won over $159 million from Lotto Max.

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